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Terms Condition Global Protection

Jimex Global Protection

Did you know?
JIMEX Global Protection is specially designed to meet your demands for reimbursement and compensation for specific accidents and damages!
Types of Loss and/or Damage Our
Breakdown/Malfunction of Engine, Transmission, Electrical Components Covered
Breakage, Bending, Dents Covered
Theft or Non-delivery of vehicle, parts, items, and accessories Covered
Hurricane or damage by ocean, rain, and freshwater Covered
Jettison Covered
General Average Covered
Discharge at the port of distress Covered
Collision with external objects Covered
Vessel sunk, grounded, stranded, or capsized Covered
Fire and/or Explosion Covered
Total Loss of the vehicle Covered
Loss and/or damage by War or Strikes Covered
Engine Transmission & Electric Components (Breakdown Coverage)
List of Expendable Parts and Items (Excluded from JIMEX Global Protection)
Losses and/or damages NOT COVERED by JIMEX Global Protection
Deductible applied per loss and/or damage
Coverage Timeframe
How to Make Claims
Step 1
Immediately check for any loss and/or damage after receiving the vehicle. Any claims made after 7 days from the day of the delivery will be not covered by JIMEX Global Protection.
Step 2
If loss and/or damage is discovered, immediately contact JIMEX or their agents. Preserve the vehicle in its original damaged condition. Any unpermitted disposal or repair may result in ineligibility of coverage.
Step 3
Take multiple detailed photos of the damaged section from different angles, clearly showing the condition of the damage.
Step 4
Download the Damage Report and completely fill out the information as required, being specific as possible. Any unanswered questions may result in decline of coverage.
Step 5
Submit the following items to JIMEX:
  • a) Damage Report
  • Report Card: Excel     Report Card: PDF
  • b) Photos of the damage
  • c) Port Report (if issued by port authority)
  • d) Repair Quotation and/or Invoice (upon request from JIMEX)
Step 6
Under the sole discretion of JIMEX, the case will be evaluated and whether or not the loss and/or damage is covered by JIMEX Global Protection will be determined. Any claims exceeding JPY 2,000,000 and/or claims deemed necessary by JIMEX may have a third party surveyor dispatched to evaluate the actual vehicle.
Please note these Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of JIMEX.

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