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Customer Testimonial

Another satisfied client from Georgia

By Tsirunov On 2021-06-11

Georgia Flag
Verified Purchase
Thank you for trusting JIMEX, and we will continue to give you the best service.

Another satisfied client from Russia

On 2021-06-11

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Thank you for trusting JIMEX, and we will continue to give you the best service.

I'm pleased to work with JIMEX

By Nuriev On 2021-06-04

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Verified Purchase
Another satisfied client from Georgia who's been with us for 4 years.

Meet Our Head Office (Yokohama, Japan)

On 2021-05-13

We are a used car exporter based in Yokohama, Japan, and established in 2007. Since 2010, we have been ranked as one of the top ex (Read more..)

JIMEX Machinery Offers

On 2021-05-13

JIMEX women break down gender stereotypes and proved that heavy machinery and big vehicles are not only for men.

JIMEX - Inside the Japanese Car Auctions

On 2021-05-13

Established in 2007, JIMEX is a global exporter of used & new vehicles with our head office in the heart of Yokohama, Japan, and l (Read more..)
Meet our Team

Say hello to Rebecca, Sales Manager for Africa market

On 2021-05-28

A word from Rebecca Ngosso to her customer in Africa: "For the best quality at affordable price please contact me at +81 80-8023 (Read more..)

Знакомьтесь, Мария, менеджер по продажам в России

On 2021-05-12

Контактный телефон: +81 80 9580 6393 Адрес электронной почты: [email protected]

Познакомьтесь с Виталием, менеджером по продажам в россии

On 2021-05-12

Контактный телефон: +81 80-7841-1648 Адрес электронной почты: [email protected]
Pit Stop in Japan’s Auction

[PIT STOP in Japan’s Auction - Episode 19] - All About Toyota

On 2021-05-13

Our Sales Manager from Mongolia, Tsedensodnom Baasandai, will show us the crown jewel of Toyota in this 19th episode! You will see (Read more..)

[PIT STOP in Japan’s Auction - Episode 17] - Interesting Cars for Mongolians

On 2021-05-13

In this 17th episode, look at the hand-picked cars in the Japan Car Auction by the Director of JIMEX Mongolia Branch, Erdenebileg (Read more..)

[PIT STOP in Japan’s Auction - Episode 15] - Trucks and Heavy Machinery

On 2021-05-13

Learn from our 15th episode as our sales representative, Joel Callueng, will give you ideas on how to properly check the trucks an (Read more..)


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I have been working with JIMEX for over a year, I am very grateful to JIMEX's staff, they do their job with great responsibility and respect to customers.

I would also like to point out that the condition of all autos that I have purchased matches the auction sheet description, very transparent and accurate information. I would like to express my gratitude to my sales manager.

Thank you JIMEX!