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How To Import Used Vehicles In Uganda

From Japan to Mombassa

The process of importing Japanese used car to Uganda is simple.

  • Identify the car you would like to purchase and get invoice indicating all the costs involved in purchasing and shipping the car.
  • After payment confirmation ship the car with earliest vessel available heading for Mombassa, Kenya. All the necessary documents required in clearing your car from Mombassa will be sent to you by DHL.

Toyota Ipsum
Toyota Ipsum
Toyota Harrier
Toyota Harrier
Toyota Corona Premio
Toyota Corona Premio

From Mombassa to Kampala
There are two ways of having your car delivered from Mombassa to Kampala, depending upon which type you prefer.

Pick the vehicle by yourself and drive back to home

  • If you wish to pick the vehicle at the port in Mombassa, You can go to Mombassa with all necessary documents you have.
  • Clear the vehicle from the port and drive back to home.
  • The shipping team will inform you expected arrival date in advance so you can know the arrival date before you leave in Uganda.
  • You have to contact the shipping agents where you can find their contact details from Bill of lading or by our shipping team, and get the more information how you can collect the vehicle from the port and self-drive back to Uganda.
  • Port clearance charges is paid at the port
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The port clearing and delivery service by local C&F agent.
C&F agent is Custom clearing & Forwarding company. They can clear the vehicle from the port on your behalf and arrange the delivery by their driver to Kampala. So, you can receive the vehicle at Kampala bonded car yard. The port clearing and local delivery service may cost about USD750-900 per saloon. The driver’s cost, Fuel All inclusive. For more information, Please contact the following C&F agents.

SDV Transami Ltd (Kenya)
+254-41-34-33-821 / 221-703

Multilines Uganda Ltd.

ATACO Freight Services Ltd.

Flitlinks International Ltd


Used vehicle import laws in Uganda:

  • There is no limit on age of vehicle to be imported to Uganda. Uganda also does not require any pre shipment inspection on used vehicles.
  • Both Left and Right hand drive vehicles are permitted.
  • The dutiable Value (customs value) in Uganda is determined in accordance with The General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs (G.A.T.T) valuation method.
Taxation or tariff on importing used vehicles in Uganda
  • Import Duty: 15% of dutiable value
  • VAT: 17% of VAT value
  • Import commission: 2% of Dutiable Value
  • Withholding Tax: 4% of Dutiable Value
  • There is an excise duty of 10% on selected cases. There is also duty remission on some commercial vehicles.
  • The clearing and forwarding agents in Uganda are familiar with these rates. Vehicles to Uganda will be imported through Mombasa or Dar-es-salaam ports as one may require.
Documents Required

  • Original Bills of Lading (Two clear negotiable Original Bills of Lading.)
  • Work Permit (copy)
  • A valid work permit copy
  • Immigration Permit
  • Certificate of Residence Change
  • Attestation reservation de cale
  • The consignee’s original passport NOT a copy
  • An invoice or valuation for the vehicle
  • The original logbook of the vehicle or the original export documents from the country of origin
  • Inventory in triplicate, English, detailed, valued, signed and dated by the customer
  • Electrical powered items should be shown with serial numbers
  • A Tax Identification Number, will be issued and obtained for the consignee by the consignee local employer in Uganda
  • Note: It is a must to be registered with Tanzania Revenue Authority and have your Tax Identification Number (TIN) before clearing the car into Tanzania

Customs Regulations
Customer Must Be In the Country for Customs Clearance.
Used household goods may be duty-free provided they are exported upon the expiration of the customer’s temporary residence permit.

Motor Vehicles
New cars dutiable

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